A region wants to present itself more impressively to tourists and be more visible. But how? And where to start in the beginning? We help you to find the right idea - in our example it is the creation of a culinary experience region including strategy definition and concept development.
cross linking
Regionality is the keyword: Networking is finally about bundling regional businesses and the resulting know-how. From restaurants, wine producers to skilled craftsmen & other services, we support you in involving "the whole village", to work on this project together.
offer creation
In this step it is necessary to roll up one's sleeves and get to work. The concept comes to life, and a culinary experience region is created together, in which skilled craftsmen participate, for example, by setting up stands, while local inns offer their delicacies and other companies present their products and supplies.
usage of the offer
With the right marketing strategy, you can lure new tourists with our help into your region - it has recently become possible to travel sustainably by public transport and then spend the night in a hotel in the town. The new culinary offer is also used by the locals of the region and the surrounding communities and "brings the people together".
Value creation for the whole region
Due to the new project, the whole region as well as the local businesses benefit from the new boost that such a culinary experience brings and transforms the sleepy " little village " into a new " culinary Mecca ".

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